Ron was born in 1971 in Groningen and has always lived in the Groningen area. He is married to Martine and has three daughters: Nienke (born in 2004), Inge (born in 2006) and Ellis (born in 2008). Until the summer of 2009, Ron only used a camera to capture moments in his family life. He had a compact camera and always relied on automatic settings. His friends will confirm that he had no interest in learning more: the progress in digital compact camera possibilities would make sure he would alway get satisfying results.

Then Ron made a picture of a dragonfly. Stunned by the result, he began to wonder why this picture was so appealing and this sparked his interest in photography. When his compact camera stopped working at the end of that year, Ron had decided he wanted to learn more. In January 2010, he purchased his first DSLR and started shooting. He was hooked and after trying several types and styles and learning many things, he settled on landscape photography at the end of that year.

His style is characterized by dreamy landscape photographs, but he will continue to evolve his photography over the coming years. This site will evolve with him and new photographs will be added regularly. Stay tuned for updates!